Organisations that subscribe to LeopardCare Monitoring experience the real-time whole-fleet benefits of mobile device management (MDM) powered by SOTI MobiControl.

The LeopardCare Monitoring console allows enterprise mobility fleet managers to access practical information about device functions, battery health status, location tracking and asset management. Importantly, these client companies receive professional and comprehensive MDM services performed by technical IT specialists. While LeopardCare Monitoring clients may use the web console for day-to-day fleet management activities, our knowledgeable experts employ the console to deliver premium services including crucial periodic and ad-hoc MDM tasks.

Here we highlight four key technical services our IT professionals provide using the LeopardCare Monitoring console:

1. We deploy your software, packages and updates fleetwide

Whether your company is managing a new fleet of mobility devices or your active fleet needs new software applications or updates, our specialists prepare the right configurations, then use the dashboard console to deploy the package to every device in one unified event.

The LeopardCare Monitoring console effectively manages different device types, including BYOD (bring your own device) enrolments to your fleet. From simple app installations and security patches, to complex activity or user profile changes, the LeopardCare team perform each deployment correctly and seamlessly, ensuring your device-critical operations won’t be disrupted in any way.

Limit staff distractions – We can deploy an industrial browser to filter links, allowing only company authorised (white-listed) websites to be accessed by the device user. 

Maximise your devices – We can install multiple user profiles on one device to enable switching between different work activities and users, i.e., from warehouse tasks to field or delivery jobs.

2. We constantly monitor your entire mobility fleet for problems

If something goes awry with one or many of your devices, at any time of the day or night, your LeopardCare Monitoring team will detect the issue via the console system. We provide a 24/7 ‘second pair of eyes’ as added security to your in-house monitoring efforts, to help you uphold your compliance and operating standards.

Offline devices reveal accident – LeopardCare specialists detected a warehouse power supply disruption at 2AM when all local devices went offline. CCTV footage showed a truck accidently backing into a power pole in the warehouse.

Charges to SIM card from an old device – A decommissioned company device was sold on E-bay while still containing a company-linked SIM card. The new device owner used the SIM card to rack up a substantial bill. LeopardCare specialists identified the SIM card for the company to promptly deactivate. 

3. We provide custom reports to enhance your business insights

With the LeopardCare Monitoring console gathering rich data from your entire device fleet, our technical specialists can develop useful reports to aid your decision-making and business forecasting.

In consultation with you, we can provide updated reports at regular intervals or one-off reports that investigate a specific ‘line of inquiry’. Also, automated email reports can be sent to fleet managers for in-house tracking and monitoring purposes.

Battery health and usage – As LeopardCare Monitoring collects battery hours and charge data from all devices in your network, reports on how your batteries are used can inform scheduling of new battery orders to support budgeting and productivity efforts.

Location tracking of devices – Geolocation information gathered by LeopardCare Monitoring may prove useful in pinpointing where your device assets have been during specific time periods

4. We take care of your cloud resources

One of the biggest benefits of LeopardCare Monitoring is eliminating the effort and expense of buying, operating and managing critical server infrastructure.

Because LeopardCare Monitoring is delivered via a cloud computing environment that our technical specialists oversee, your company is not burdened by the upkeep, maintenance, monitoring and licencing activities associated with running a cloud server saving thousands of dollars in additional costs.

LeopardCare Monitoring for Easy MDM

For comprehensive mobile device management by pro-active mobility specialists – who know how to fix device problems and provide expert technical support – LeopardCare Monitoring offers a scalable full-service solution. The accompanying web-based console helps you view the activities of all types of enterprise mobility devices in your fleet. With device health monitoring, remote trouble-shooting and direct asset tracking, LeopardCare Monitoring eliminates the burden of MDM and provides undeniable efficiency gains.

To learn more about LeopardCare Monitoring, visit its product page, download its datasheet or get in touch with our team today.