VT Freight Express (VTFE) is a leading Australian company providing daily parcel and palletised distribution services via an extensive fleet of drivers. After moving to an electronic consignment system several years ago, growing competition and tech-savvy customers meant they needed to be offering immediate, real-time information and troubleshooting. 

To deliver these services, VTFE needed to guarantee that every device was fully operational, monitored and insured at all times, and that every driver could operate the system correctly and effectively. 

“The software and devices in our drivers’ hands provide this data and tracking; however, the entire mobility fleet must always function smoothly for our company to provide the best customer service and results.” David Greening, IT Manager, VTFE 

As a result, VTFE decided to procure a new fleet of rugged Zebra Android mobile devices from Leopard Systems and engage Leopard’s hardware specialists to prepare, deploy and monitor the new devices to protect and optimise their technology investment. The results have been extensive and immediate. 

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