Predictably, more of us than ever before shopped online in 2020. In fact, according to Australia Post, Aussies spent over $50B online that year – up by $18B from the previous year.

As a result, parcel deliveries to doorsteps increased dramatically and will remain elevated at least until the pandemic threat subsides. With delivery drivers in high demand and at higher risk of COVID-19 exposure via customer contact, safe work practices are crucial to eliminating these infection hazards.

Safe Work Australia requires delivery drivers to have a contactless delivery process, including sharing and managing electronic paperwork. While keeping 1.5 metres away from other people, delivery drivers must have a contactless way to let a recipient know – by SMS text, app notification or email – that their parcel has been delivered.

Electronic proof-of-delivery systems are in high demand

An assortment of proof-of-delivery mobile solutions are available. Finding the right fit for your transport company will depend on the needs of your drivers, the delivery process you provide and your customers’ expectations. 

If your customers expect to see their freight physically delivered and sign for it in-person in a contactless COVID-safe manner, then there are proof-of-delivery mobile solutions that can do this. For example, when your delivery driver reaches a customer’s doorstep, they can:

  • Send the customer an SMS text or email containing a link that opens a digital receipt on the customer’s device, so they can safely sign and approve their delivery
  • Offer the customer a QR code (on the freight or via a device screen) to scan from a safe distance; then, the customer can sign the digital receipt from their own device.

Either way, as soon as your customer signs off via your electronic proof-of-delivery method, an instant digital verification notifies your administration team of the successful delivery. This real-time communication streamlines operations and eliminates the traditional delays and errors of paper-based systems.

Could simplifying your POD process make it safer?

For most delivery services, however, the best COVID-safe proof-of-delivery process removes all face-to-face interactions at the doorstep. It eliminates all unnecessary customer involvement and electronic responses.

In short, an effective proof-of-delivery mobile solution simply verifies the exact time, date, GPS address and physical drop-off site (i.e., on the front doormat). It immediately notifies the customer their delivery has arrived. The customer does not need to be home to verify POD when a strictly contactless proof-of-delivery system captures the evidence by other means.    

Leopard Delivery Cloud is a COVID-safe electronic Proof-Of-Delivery system

Leopard Systems’ scalable delivery tracking and management system, Leopard Delivery Cloud, is an easy-to-use, proof-of-delivery mobile solution. Leopard Delivery Cloud is quick to set up as a paperless, contactless method for verifying deliveries made by any size of transport business.

This versatile proof-of-delivery mobile solution operates as a cloud-hosted software solution across multi-platform fleets, including rugged and consumer devices running iOS and Android operating systems.

How does Leopard’s COVID-safe POD mobile solution work?

Originally built to use sign-on-glass technology for capturing POD recipient signatures, Leopard Delivery Cloud’s core GPS tracking, image capture and real-time communication features prove effective for achieving contactless COVID-safe delivery practices.

Whilst this system accepts sign-on-glass signatures, the global shift to COVID-safe deliveries means Postal, Supply Chain and T&L businesses can take advantage of the following POD functions of Leopard Delivery Cloud:

  • Drivers and freight handlers can take unlimited photos with GPS coordinates to prove a pick-up or delivery event
  • Capture date and time stamp information with photos and activity logs to prove when a delivery event took place
  • Digitally scan, securely store and retrieve electronic POD documents to support delivery-related queries and customer service
  • Track freight items in real-time for the entire journey, from source pick-up to customer delivery, to monitor current locations and provide ETAs
  • Send SMS and email alerts to customers to let them know a delivery is on its way or has arrived at its destination
  • Capture accurate data and connect to business systems (i.e., EMS, WMS, TMS) in real-time to ensure a productive supply chain with timely freight deliveries

Every POD feature of Leopard Delivery Cloud is available ‘out of the box’. It’s fast to be implemented and easily connects to your company’s back-end business systems.

Furthermore, the GPS tracking and location records could support COVID outbreak control efforts by identifying if a driver has visited an exposure site within a reported timeframe.

Goodbye paper, hello productivity

As a paperless POD solution, Leopard Delivery Cloud eliminates the need for any paper recording, handling or processing by your drivers and head office team.

With Leopard Delivery Cloud as your electronic proof of delivery system, the acceleration in productivity and improved worker safety will deliver results now and after the pandemic.

To find out if Leopard Delivery Cloud could enhance your workers’ safety, contact us today.