Can your Postal, 3PL or Transport and Logistics organisation accurately cube freight of all different shapes and sizes?

By implementing a portable dimensioning system like Leopard Cube, to easily and accurately determine the dimensional weight of each consignment, your company can:

1. Stop revenue leakage

Revenue losses can occur when incorrectly sized freight slips through your operation undetected. Implementing a legal-for-trade measurement tool will prevent these losses by capturing the true cubic volumes of previously unchecked freight, such as oversized pallets, and by verifying customer freight declarations.

On ascertaining freight measurements, Hi-Trans Express IT manager Lloyd Jones commented, “We also handle a lot of oversized and ugly freight that we thought may be sized incorrectly. Leopard Cube gave us actual data to know that this was, in fact, the case.” 

2. Maintain existing operations

When implementing a new dimensioning system into your organisation, it’s essential to consider how your current freight operations, workforce and business systems will be impacted. Ideally, the cubing solution should function on your existing devices, be easy to use and quick for staff to learn, be designed to scale with your freight demands and provide secure API integration with your current business systems. .

“Leopard Cube was simple to implement. The measuring tapes supplied by Leopard Systems and the hand-held Zebra TC56 devices already in use meant that we didn’t need to procure new hardware. Leopard Cube enabled us to quickly and accurately measure more freight”, said Jones. 

3. Optimise processes and fleet capacity

A digital cubing solution that automates dim weight calculations replaces manual recording, thus removing human error, accelerating reporting and enhancing productivity. Further, a portable hand-held cubing system allows each operator to move freely between, and quickly dimension, bulky freight items, rather than transport the item to a fixed dimensioning system with a forklift.

As Hi-Trans Express discovered: “Leopard Cube has turned an inefficient paper-based process into an efficient digital workflow. As soon as the freight becomes available, we can accurately cube it in real time using Leopard Cube and load our trucks to capacity. Freight now moves through our network cleanly and without any barriers.”

4. Capture critical data and measurements

Precise volumetric measurements and real-time capture of freight data, including date and time, location and photo confirmation, enables verification and complete visibility of freight that transits through your delivery network. Also, a cubing solution delivered via SaaS cloud technology allows instant data availability and communication with backend systems to optimise workflow efficiencies.

Although Hi-Trans Express anticipated substantial cost savings from Leopard Cube, Jones said: “For us, however, the end-goal was achieving a smooth and seamless transition of freight through our network.”

5. Improve customer service

Accurate freight volume data, freight tracking and real-time communications allows your organisation to provide better answers to customer enquiries as well as improve billing and minimise back-charge disputes.

On achieving correct freight cubing, Hi-Trans Express found: “It makes it so much easier to move freight efficiently through our network. Plus, the customer benefits from freight that gets delivered within its transit time, and that won’t get misdirected or damaged.”

Leopard Cube is a legal-for-trade dimensional cubing solution that cleverly combines a unique measuring tape, mobile scanning device and powerful cubing application to measure non-conveyable, palletised or oversized freight.

To discover more on enhancing your freight cubing activities, visit the Leopard Cube product page, download its data sheet or simply get in touch with us via our contact form.