With over 20 freight distribution branches nationwide and four major depots processing palletised freight, this national NZ logistics provider knows freight dimensioning challenges better than most.

At four of their busiest sites, freight is cubed using large-scale, fixed-in-place dimensioning machines. However, capturing cubic data using these big machines is time and labour-intensive. As their Business Improvement Analyst puts it:

“The process, although beneficial, wasn’t easy to use or understand, and there were manual steps the operator needed to do to integrate the data with our systems. We needed to find a better solution.”

With finite resources and a need to improve productivity, this provider decided to roll out a handheld cubing device solution to enhance the use of fixed machines. After hearing about the success of the award-winning Leopard Cube solution used in a counterpart’s operations, the company decided to trial it across several depots.

While initially, staff were pessimistic, they soon realised the Leopard Cube application delivered all kinds of benefits…

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