A leading transport and logistics company operating hundreds of freight facilities and a comprehensive air, road, sea and rail delivery network throughout Australia and New Zealand needed to optimise the technology that supports their operations and millions of customers each year.

Due to the freight volumes they processed, the company had added a portable cubing process, which was vital for capturing and calculating the actual volumetric weights of oversized, ugly, non-conveyable and under-declared freight.

The solution was a great step forward, but it struggled in their business warehouse environment. In the words of their IT Business Specialist:

“The electronic devices were challenged, and we lost critical scan data. The devices were susceptible to breakages and failure. We’d be lucky to get two to three months out of each device before it failed and needed repair or replacing.”

Unable to rely on the solution and without a clear future improvement strategy, and with the pandemic increasing shipping volumes, they sought a cubing system that could scale reliably and rapidly and be a better fit for their operations.

As a long-standing customer and user of other Leopard Systems products, they decided to try Leopard Cube, the new software-based cubing solution.

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