Australian manufacturer, Sutton Tools, supply the national and international market with high-quality power tool accessories and cutting tools. They pride themselves on their exceptional customer service and reliability. As all manufacturing and distribution companies know, service standards are dependent on the technology and processes that underpin them. Sutton Tools were coming to the end of the road with their existing Microsoft operating system, and their legacy hardware fleet was becoming unreliable and outdated. 

In the words of Oliver Petautschnig, Project Manager for Logistics at Sutton Tools: 

“Our existing fleet was on its last legs. The devices were no longer supported and were regularly breaking. Battery life was a major concern, and sourcing replacement parts was difficult. It cost us a fortune to keep them up to date and maintained.”  

At the time, Sutton Tools were also using a slow, manual paper-picking system to manage orders in their warehouse, chewing up valuable time and taxing their overall efficiency. To continue delivering products to customers at the standard they expected they needed not only a new fleet of hardware able to operate the latest Android operating systems, but a solution to help them advance their warehouse ticketing process.  

After a full round of tenders, they chose to partner with Leopard Systems to deliver the required upgrade and support the company to embrace the innovative technology currently transforming operations-based industries. 

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