How To Implement Your Enterprise Mobility Solution 

Project Implementation Phase

In agreement with you, your enterprise mobility solution partner will implement your solution using general project management phases, such as:

  1. Project Discovery, Initiation and Engagement phase – Contracts will be put in place with specific milestones to be achieved.
  2. Set-up Phase – ‘Vision & Scope’ Consultation and Report to identify in detail your EM solution direction, features and benefits, the interface design and other important considerations.
  3. Development phase (1) – ‘Architecture & Validation’ Consultation and Report to define a software architecture to suit the EM solution you require.
  4. Development phase (2) – ‘Construction & Verification’ Consultations and Reports to refine, through several iterations, the solution requirements/configurations, design, development and testing.
  5. Deployment/Roll-out phase – Company-wide roll out of your EM solution, ensuring successful hardware and software deployment, system implementation, user training and functionality testing.
  6. Ongoing Success – Delivery and follow up to maintain a fully-operational EM solution and to review opportunities for further optimisation in the future.