How To Select Your Enterprise Mobility Partner

Get Useful Quotes

The next step is gathering project proposals and quotes—that meet your business objectives, budget and timeframe—from vendors able to perform your enterprise mobility implementation. To take full advantage of an effective EM solution, your company needs to gather critical information to make an astute decision on your solution provider.

If you need more information from your short-listed vendors about what your company requires, you may simply request more information. Usually a discovery meeting between your company and the EM vendor is the easiest way to cover this information effectively, plus give you a good gauge whether you’ll move forward with them or not.

To determine how well an EM solution vendor meets the fixed requirements you’ve set out, including your budget, you may submit a Request For Quote (RFQ).

Request For Proposal (RFP) is a process used when your company knows you have a problem but don’t know how to solve it. Therefore, you may decide to invite your short-listed EM solution providers to propose a project plan for how they would solve your problem for you. RFPs explain the mobility provider’s proposed solution, methodology, experience, track record, qualifications, timeframe and budget.

After your selection, the successful RFP vendor will enter a contract with your company to deliver the agreed EM solution.

Are you planning to send us a Request For Quote or Request For Proposal?

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