How To Select Your Enterprise Mobility Partner

What Do You Want?

Start by listing the challenges your company needs to overcome using enterprise mobility (EM).

What improvements and business results do you want? What are your business objectives and goals?

We explain general enterprise mobility features and benefits here.

As a starting guide, it may help to consider the following questions:

  1. Do you need a new software application developed? Are you looking for a custom-built platform or could a fit-for-purpose application, with pre-set workflows configurable to your needs, be a more cost-effective option? What current business enterprise management systems and other processes does your EM solution need to interface with?
  2. Do you need new mobile devices? How many? Do you need rugged hardware for drop-prone work? Where will the devices be? Who will be using them?
  3. What’s your budget for your EM solution? Can you invest upfront or do you need an EM partner with flexible financial plans and investment options to enable cash flow forecasting? Could a cost-effective subscription model for application users be more commercially viable than software licensing fees? Is it better to generate productivity results as you pay for your EM solution, or invest first then wait for your ROI?
  4. What’s your timeframe for your EM solution? Be wary of starting an EM implementation project with an open-ended timeframe or unclear delivery milestones. Partnering with an EM solution provider, who has experience in large-scale projects and guarantees to deliver on agreed terms, is crucial.
  5. What level of security do you need? Talk to your in-house IT security experts about your organisation’s best practice requirements for an EM solution that your IT department would approve. Security is of paramount importance and is a major deciding factor when selecting an EM partner.
  6. What level of ongoing support and maintenance will you need? Be sure to research how well your EM solution provider will support your entire EM solution for the long term. Do they provide technical helpdesk support, do they replace broken hardware devices, do they manage device warranties on your behalf, and do they have industry expertise and business process expertise to handle unforeseen challenges?