Engage Vital Maintenance & Management

An EM solution vendor—proficient in hardware acquisition, set-up, rollout and management; communication networks, system integration and testing; device and equipment staging, handling and repairs; fleet management; and IT help desk support—is a must.

Maintaining and managing your EM solution in house could lead to costly problems such as poor scheduling of device servicing and repairs, poor device set up and testing, or lost and mismanaged mobile assets, leading to bigger, more expensive problems and service disruptions in the long run.

Ideally, preventing problems in the first place should be the focus.

The best way to safeguard against problems, and get the right help if a problem occurs, is aligning with an EM provider who offers professional managed services tailored to your specific mobility solution.

Consider maintenance and support service plans that cover:   

  • Help desk support available 24/7 to rapidly diagnose and fix problems
  • Hardware repairs & replacements – scheduled and ad hoc
  • National coverage, multiple locations and help by remote, when feasible
  • Full device configuration, software staging/preloading and remote reloading
  • Fleet management and monitoring for 1,000+ mobile devices
  • Proactive asset management with service forecasting
  • Warranty, manufacturer service contract and service history records
  • Real-time device auditing, usage tracking and visibility, battery status, battery change prediction, corrupt software repair, security handling and more…

Further, find a cost-effective managed service that’s flexible enough to change as your mobility needs evolve or expand.