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Deliver Goods

You’re seeking an enterprise mobility solution to Deliver Goods:


Increase the efficiency of delivering your goods with an effective transport-focused solution that:

  • Accurately tracks and traces GPS locations of your goods in real time – from warehouse to successful delivery – keeping your head office informed
  • Maps your vehicle and digital assets, monitors your driver’s progress and measures on-board stock levels for real-time adjustments
  • Offers turn-by-turn navigation instructions to drivers, plus best possible routing with smart scheduling options to get more deliveries done in less time; saving fuel and reducing vehicle wear
  • Captures ‘irregular’ freight data regarding weight or volumetric parameters and communicates this to your enterprise systems; to boost efficiency and cut revenue leakage
  • Compiles tracking and other process data across your vehicles and locations for tangible reliable information to help you make clear business decisions
Using Optimised Workflows

Optimise your freight delivery workflows with an effective mobility solution that:

  • Configures to your unique delivery service needs with adjustable process workflows
  • Caters for the specific transit conditions of your product range
  • Allows your driver to offer exclusive add-on services or product up-sells at the point of sale
  • Interfaces with the IT environment of your business operations, and other business-specific parameters
  • Implements custom workflow check points, such as proof photos, custom reason codes for task handling, OHS assessments and chain of responsibility activities
Via A Productive Workforce

Boost the productivity of your delivery workforce with an enterprise mobility solution that:

  • Ensures reliable on-time deliveries to satisfy your customers and enhance your company’s reputation; increasing employee engagement and company morale
  • Diminishes errors, rework and back-tracking to get the right goods to the right customer
  • Performs real-time messaging and job progress updates to keep drivers, head office and customers informed of delivery progress; to reduce time-consuming, costly interactions and to ease stress when unexpected delays happen
  • Enforces vehicle safety management and driver accountability precautions including fatigue management checks, to ensure your workforce and vehicles are safe to drive
  • Records KPI achievements for management of performance
  • Operates on your employee’s own device to keep them engaged and working productively, rather than having to learn how to use an unfamiliar device
  • Creates, sends and customises job tasks, using an intuitive interface that requires minimal end-user training; empower your workforce to efficiently manage and streamline their workflows
With Excellent Customer Service

For superior customer service, use a delivery enterprise mobility solution that:

  • Personalises your customer’s experience with your company (they’re not just a number!) and communicates valuable information to them
  • Sends an email or SMS notification to your customer during designated events during their delivery to let them know how far away their goods are
  • Makes it easy for your customers to track their delivery
  • Records Proof of Delivery (POD) to ensure your customer received their products in good order and on time
  • Facilitates on-the-spot resolution of customer problems and answers customer questions
  • Enhances your customer relationships by automating a post-delivery survey from your CRM to find out if your customers were satisfied with their delivery and to gather feedback
  • Records and analyses delivery data to allow you to implement customer experience improvement initiatives
  • Expands customer engagement and service via a web-based delivery progress portal, through which your customers can contact your company if needed

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