Learn About Enterprise Mobility Solutions

Deliver Services

You’re seeking an enterprise mobility solution to Deliver Services:


Increase the efficiency of delivering your service with an enterprise mobility solution that:

  • Automatically dispatches customer jobs to your field service workers
  • Prioritises service jobs in a streamlined way
  • Provides turn-by-turn navigation instructions, plus best possible routing for field workers to reach service locations quickly and efficiently
  • Rapidly communicates important job and customer data between your head office and your field workers
  • Instantly processes customer data, onsite and in real time, via your backend system to reduce billing cycles, and eliminate unnecessary data entry and paperwork
  • Enables reporting, visibility and tracking of your field staff, assets, driving routes, reporting, timesheets and more, via a web-based portal
Using Optimised Workflows

Optimise your service delivery workflows with an enterprise mobility solution that:

  • Configures and optimises service schedules to your company’s unique workflow needs
  • Sorts service jobs according to your specific business priorities
  • Provides an end-to-end workflow process, i.e. where a service order is created, scheduled, responded to in-field and completed – all via one system
  • Monitors important workflow parameters to gather data and create actionable reports, e.g. KPIs, QA and QC
Via A Productive Workforce

Enhance the productivity of your company’s service workforce with an enterprise mobility solution that:

  • Makes service tasks easier and more effective by harnessing mobile technology
  • Provides simple, configurable workflows for your field workers to follow quickly and accurately
  • Runs on your employee’s chosen compatible mobile device, if applicable, and functions across iOS, Android and Windows platforms for user familiarity
  • Provides access to workflows via enhanced on-screen touch-friendly keyboards, with portrait and landscape operation, to reduce input errors
With Excellent Customer Service

For amazing customer service, use an effective customer-centric enterprise mobility solution that:

  • Keeps your customers informed of service progress and changes
  • Enriches your customer’s experience of your company by meeting or exceeding their expectations
  • Captures customer data—on the spot and in real time—for smooth efficient service transactions
  • Provides on-the-job customer receipts via mobile printers