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Retail Products

You’re seeking an enterprise mobility solution to Retail Products:


Enhance the efficiency of retailing your company’s products with an enterprise mobility solution that:

  • Tracks and accurately accounts for all stock inventory in order to:
  1.  Reduce costly write-offs, stock losses and supply chain gaps;
  2.  Manage stock levels on your shop floor and in your warehouse; and,
  3.  Prevent over-stocking expenses
  • Communicates efficiently between in-store operations and your head office, for staff communications, as well as swift interfacing of your mobility solution with your existing enterprise systems
  • Protects your inventory data with secure, full device lock-down and encryption measures
Using Optimised Workflows

Optimise your company’s retail workflows with an enterprise mobility solution for retail environments that:

  • Configures to your specific business needs
  • Offers customer-centric workflows
  • Ensures adherence to process workflows
  • Seamlessly integrates, via an API, with your company’s enterprise systems to streamline tasks and simplify reporting
  • Uses in-store data communication channels, such as WLAN & USB, to update software in real time
Via A Productive Workforce

Improve the productivity of your company’s retail workforce with an enterprise mobility solution that:

  • Provides an easy-to-use customer-focused tool to support your workers in satisfying your customers’ needs, and therefore, improving your sales results
  • Accesses accurate product and stock level information to confidently sell on the floor
  • Interfaces with your business systems and manages real-time software updates from the shop floor
  • Increases staff engagement with their customer service role and boosts employee morale, leading to positive results for your business and profitability
With Excellent Customer Service

To achieve fantastic customer service, use an effective customer-focused enterprise mobility solution that:

  • Provides your staff and customers with product information on demand
  • Checks prices, answers customer enquiries, accepts payments, upsells additional items and more, using the latest mobile technology
  • Reduces queues and streamlines sales by providing sales staff with mobile checkouts or partial transaction processing
  • Makes it easy for your customers to set up a gift registry while they’re viewing on-floor stock and interacting with your staff

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