If you are responsible for your company’s mobility fleet, then you know how valuable accurate, timely device information is for minimising downtime, maximising productivity, and optimising your technology investment.

LeopardCare Monitoring, Leopard Systems’ professional mobile device management (MDM) solution, is a tailored scalable managed service, delivered by technical experts who understand the complexities of enterprise mobility and recognise its importance to employee productivity. In an ever-changing mobility technology environment, Leopard’s specialists are available to handle all your MDM requirements so you can focus on other business critical operations.

The LeopardCare Monitoring platform, powered by the industry leading SOTI MobiControl solution, provides for a feature rich and customisable dashboard. Although our specialists are there to take the stress out of the day-to-day management on your behalf, fleet managers can also log in and view real-time fleet information at any time.

Here we describe three critical console features of the LeopardCare Monitoring solution you cannot do without:

1. Fleet Status: An Instant Snapshot

Immediately see the operational status of your entire fleet in an instant allowing you to make informed decisions quickly and efficiently.

Summarised in easy to interpret chart format, fleet managers will know instantly:
• the number and proportion of devices online and connected,
• the battery status across your fleet, and
• all essential information about device models, operating systems, cellular carrier connectivity and more.

Fleet managers can tailor these charts to provide relevant real-time information about their specific operations however they choose. From small, localised operations to huge global fleets, the console enables managers to easily oversee tens of thousands of mobility devices from a single screen.

2. Device Status: A Useful Inventory

From here, instantly view an extensive list of every device enrolled in your fleet including practical details for each such as device ID-name, activity status, battery percentage, available memory, device type, asset serial number, SIM card info and direct phone number.

Eye-catching ‘green means active, black means inactive’ flags on devices help managers immediately gauge how well the fleet is operating and which devices need attention.

Devices can be arranged into categories relevant to your business, e.g. geographic territories, business units, operational activities and so on. Importantly, fleet managers can search and filter the device inventory using specific parameters to identify evolving issues or extract information-rich reports to address business-critical queries.

3. Individual Devices: Geolocate & Remote Control

From the device inventory screen, you can select any device ID-name to drill down into a wealth of information about a single device, including compliance, configuration, security, applications and more. Interrogating discrepancies within your fleet allows you to quickly learn details and take proactive corrective action.

Managing devices within the LeopardCare Monitoring console allows you to connect to a device anywhere in the world and perform actions remotely, including restarting devices, sending messages, locking stolen devices, and refreshing data. Remote problem-solving and real-time support enables devices to keep running (and employees working), therefore, ensuring your operations continue uninterrupted.

Lastly, you can also geolocate each device in your fleet via the ‘location’ tab. This action pinpoints the GPS-compatible device’s real-time location on a map display, a powerful tool to locate lost or stolen devices and monitor work activities. Historical data shows where a device has previously been. This geolocation function supports geofencing rules that allow a device to access specific features upon entering a geofenced area and halting access when the device leaves the location.

With LeopardCare Monitoring, fleet managers get an instant snapshot of their entire enterprise mobility fleet’s operational status. Critical device information is immediately visible via the web-based MDM console allowing you to remote access and fix problems in real time and provide much needed direct support.

LeopardCare Monitoring for Easy MDM

For comprehensive mobile device management by pro-active mobility specialists – who know how to fix device problems and provide expert technical support – LeopardCare Monitoring offers a scalable full-service solution. The accompanying web-based console helps you view the activities of all types of enterprise mobility devices in your fleet. With device health monitoring, remote trouble-shooting and direct asset tracking, LeopardCare Monitoring eliminates the burden of MDM and provides undeniable efficiency gains.

To learn more about LeopardCare Monitoring, visit its product page, download its datasheet or get in touch with our team today.