Unleash productivity via the cloud 

If you are a business with 20 to thousands of drivers and require the benefits of a superior delivery system, without the hassle or expense of buying your own, Leopard Delivery is your solution. 

Leopard Delivery boosts improvement in key business areas such as:

Delivery Productivity

Delivery and Driver Tracking

Customer Satisfaction

Hassle Free IT Upgrades

Address clients and markets

you have never reached before

Leopard Delivery’s intuitive interface and rugged device compatibility allows for it to be easy to be use with minimal user training. Users can perform pick-up and delivery tasks, OH&S checks, create and send jobs, load and unload vehicles, monitor drivers’ progress, manage mobile devices and more.

Easy to use and simple to setup, Leopard Delivery is a world-class Delivery product, offering a number of advantages, including:

  • Allocate and customise Job and Leg workflows
  • Handle multiple manifest types including mixed mode
  • Monitor vehicle freight location via GPS
  • Self-serve and monitor your workload
  • Manage multiple entities in the one system

Leopard Delivery can either be hosted on a cloud server via a subscription pricing model., or purchased outright and stored on external servers. 

Powerful Features & Key Business Benefits

Track your fleet anytime, anywhere

Centralised reporting and operations control 

High Availability: Available from any computer 24/7

Multi Platform Compatibility

Low Start-Up Costs and Instant Scalability

Job Centre

Rapid Scanning

Live GPS Tracking

Get ahead – and stay there.

Take the next step towards increasing your fleet visibility. 

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