Switch on a vehicle tracking solution that syncs with on-board computer systems to extract, store and deliver valuable real-time information about your vehicles. 

As assets become more mobile and fleets continue to expand, many logistics-based organisations are transitioning to Telematics technology to increase fleet visibility, maintain vehicle reliability and connect with their drivers. 

By introducing Leopard Telematics to your fleet of vehicles, you will boost  improvement in key business areas such as:

Fleet Transparency

Driver Performance

Fleet Safety

Fleet Management Profits

Gain a clear picture of your vehicle

assets with Leopard Telematics

Leopard Telematics powered by GEOTAB,  is a vehicle tracking solution that syncs on-board computer systems to extract, store and deliver valuable real-time information about vehicle performance. Using a port plug-in device, vehicle information such as GPS data, engine performance, driving behaviour, speed and odometer readings and safety requirements  is recorded and sent to a cloud-based application. 

Easy to use and simple to setup, Leopard Telematics is a world-class Telematics product, offering a number of advantages, including:

  • Rapidly geo-locate vehicle assets
  • Proactively maintain and repair fleet vehicles
  • Improve driver road safety
  • Accurate real-time vehicle use data 
  • Pre-trip inspections via integrated smart phone application

Leopard Telematics improves the knowledge and visibility  of exactly how your vehicle fleet is being used and will inform your operations management and business improvement decisions.

Powerful Features & Key Business Benefits

Track your fleet anytime, anywhere

Centralised reporting and operations control 

Plug and play OBDII port device allows for easy, fast setup 

Stay on top of fleet maintenance and driver data records for improved vehicle safety

Synchronise Telematics data with business systems to improve decision making

Centralised Reporting

OBDII Port Plug-In Device

Live GPS Tracking

Get ahead – and stay there.

Take the next step towards increasing your fleet visibility. 

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