Leopard Tracker™

Real-time delivery information for great customer service

Leopard Tracker™ is a mobile-first application designed for transport companies, courier drivers, supply chain, and any related product or service delivery operator. It provides your customers and/or mobile workers with on-demand information about specific trackable deliveries.

With Leopard Tracker™ your customers will be able to instantly view information relating to their product or service delivery in real-time, including:

  • the current status of their delivery together with a view of the vehicle’s real-time position on a map
  • the true ETA of their delivery or service provider updated in real time
  • order, payment and address details; to check their order or service contents are correct, paid for and approaching the right address.

Plus, through the Leopard Tracker™ interface your customers will have an easy way to contact your business when unforeseen situations hinder delivery arrival. Or, to put into action any changes that may be required for their delivery or service. Customer engagement of this kind will ultimately save time from your communication processes and increase your delivery and service efficiencies. Leopard Tracker™ is an optional extension to Leopard Delivery™ and Leopard Delivery Cloud™ applications available as a direct download from iOS and Android app stores.

Provide your customers and/or mobile workers with on-demand information about specific trackable deliveries
With Leopard Tracker™ you can: » Free up call centre or head office staff from time-consuming customer engagements

»  Gain visibility of delivery data and customer enquiries, to improve business processes

» Showcase your delivery service via branded customer interface

» Analyse delivery data and customer engagement activities to improve business efficiencies 

» Unlock new revenue opportunities within your delivery service.

Leopard Tracker™ offers:

  • A powerful live customer experience; they can track their deliveries in real time
  • Excellent customer service provided in a timely fashion
  • Instant customer communications
  • Enhanced customer relations and loyalty.