Outsource your device management to deliver real-time information and full fleet device monitoring

By introducing LeopardCare Monitoring to your organisation, you will boost  improvement in key business areas such as:

Real Time Monitoring

Device Security and Reliability

Immediate Troubleshooting

Maximum Uptime and Productivity

Outsource your device management

with Leopard Monitoring

LeopardCare Monitoring is a comprehensive feature-rich mobile device managed service with Leopard’s mobile device management (MDM) experts monitoring your enterprise mobility fleet 24/7. 

Distinct from our MDM consultant services,  LeopardCare Monitoring is a pay-as-you-go MDM service that applies a cost-effective ‘paid connected device’ price structure.

  • Expert professional MDM management service
  • Maximum fleet productivity and visibility
  • Streamlined and automated real-time MDM 
  • Cloud-based service saving infrastructure cost

With expert management and real-time monitoring of thousands of mobile devices simultaneously, your entire enterprise mobility fleet will be secure, visible and effective at all times. 

Powerful Features & Key Business Benefits

Remote Repairs and Mobility Software

Total Real Time Visibility 

Automated Email Reporting

Continuous Collection, Analysis and Review of Real Time Data

Complete Staging and Configuration

Full Fleet Device Reporting

24/7 Customer Support

Cloud Monitoring

Get ahead – and stay there.

Take the next step towards outsourcing your device management. 

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Monitoring Data Sheet

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