Tracking your fleet and knowing how each asset is utilised, provides accurate and vital information for managing operational costs and growing your business.

By frequently monitoring fleet operations, you have more decision-making knowledge to pivot and implement changes that increase efficiencies. Importantly, optimising vehicle fleet performance to ever changing business circumstances  provides for cutting costs and  improving the bottom line. Let’s take a closer look at our Enterprise Mobility Solutions achieve this:


1. Greater Control: Understand your fleet to make better management decisions

Fleet utilisation reports easily allow you to analyse individual vehicle use and driver behaviour data, including days driven, drive times and kilometres travelled. From this, you’ll know which of your assets are most heavily used, what jobs they’re performing and what adjustments could be made to optimise and scale fleet operations. 

2. Increase Efficiencies: Optimise your fleet usage for greater productivity

From a simple usage report, you’ll be able to match the right vehicles and drivers to the jobs they perform best. Specific usage trends, such as ramping up to meet higher demand or scaling back in slower times, can be managed with certainty. This type of real-time information will direct how you adapt your vehicles to your changing business needs. 

3. Cut Costs: Reorganise your assets to reduce spending

Monitoring usage will keep your fleet well balanced from a vehicle deployment standpoint, as well as highlight when and where to repurpose underused assets into other business areas.  Retaining your highest-performing vehicles will improve productivity and reduce expenses such as vehicle insurance and storage. 



In summary, fleet asset utilisation reports help you determine if your vehicle fleet is operating to its highest potential. Transport, logistics and supply chain services that proactively detect, analyse and manage underperforming vehicle assets can improve their practical usage thereby increasing overall fleet productivity and, at the same time, lowering operational expenses. 

Leopard Telematics is Leopard Systems’ vehicle tracking solution. For more information, you can download the Leopard Telematics data sheet here or feel free to get in touch with us via our contact form