Do you dread oversized, under-declared, palletised or ugly freight?

Trying to accurately measure palletised or ugly freight is laborious, time-consuming and expensive, so many businesses rely on estimates and customer-declared measurements instead. Unfortunately, incorrect cubic measurements lead to revenue leakage, inefficiencies down the line, and a lack of trustworthy freight data.

Leopard Cube is changing all of this. The award-winning Leopard Cube innovatively combines the latest rugged mobile scanning computers, a durable measuring tape and a real-time data management system to efficiently capture, store, and communicate measurement data of parcels and pallets. The integration with the latest wearable technology also supports a scan-intensive, wireless and hands-free approach to data capture and processing.

Powerful features & benefits

Accurately measure the 5-20% of freight volumes that are non-conveyable and awkward

Realise differences between third party cost estimations and real-time cubing analysis

Minimise revenue
leakage and increase
your bottom

Improve freight measurement
efficiency and service
to customers

Don’t just take our word for it!

We’ve worked with some of the biggest transport, logistics and postal companies to simplify their freight management and minimise revenue leakage.

“As soon as the freight becomes available, we can accurately cube it in real time using Leopard Cube enabling our trucks to be loaded to capacity. Freight now moves through our network cleanly and without any barriers.”

Lloyd Jones, IT General Manager, Hi-Trans Transport

Want to see how Leopard Cube could
minimise your revenue leakage?