Why Choose Leopard As Your Enterprise Mobility Partner 

Holistic Support


A total EM solution with Leopard Systems receives knowledgeable and holistic support across all areas of your solution.

Our highly experienced and trained personnel are available to take your service call in a timely fashion – no lengthy hold times. Through the SLAs in place for your EM solution, we’ll do everything in our power to look after your needs.

We also have a ‘continuous improvement philosophy’ for our support service and our EM systems, which means if something goes wrong, we’ll take ownership of it, and improve our handling of future occurrences.

Built-in monitoring and automated system safeguards for all our EM solutions, such as auto-reboot if a server crashes, ensures our clients don’t experience many technical problems. We proactively record and monitor our internal faults to: 1) uncover trends before they become big problems, and 2) take action to continuously improve our technical support services.

Adhering to privacy laws on personal or financial information, Leopard Systems is able to collect business-related data and track how all of our live EM solutions are being used. This serves the above faultfinding purpose but also provides highly valuable data on trends or one-off incidents occurring across our broader EM landscape. This advantage allows us to step in and work on potential problems for all our solution clients, and improve the systems using an all-encompassing approach.