A vehicle tracker is an in-vehicle telematics device that uses real-time GPS tracking technology to monitor and report vital data of a vehicle asset and its driver.

1. Electronic diary & fatigue management compliance

In Australia, as in many other countries, legislation such as ‘The Heavy Vehicle National Law’ requires written or electronic work diaries to be maintained. Integrated vehicle tracking is equipped to comply with fatigue management hours of service, safety management systems and chain of responsibility obligations.

2. Real-time safety reporting

The vehicle tracker monitors critical information such as location, speed, idling, engine/battery health and driving trends. It also connects to dash cameras, video, temperature controls and other sensors, giving fleet managers comprehensive access to vehicle performance and safety information at all times.

3. Fuel cost savings

Unlocking new ways to achieve greater fuel efficiencies is critical for any transport operation. Telematics fuel reports provide valuable insights on fuel usage, distances travelled, idling time, fuel trends, off-route kilometres, average fuel economy and more. Access to traffic and congestion data optimises driving routes which also improves productivity and reduces fuel costs.

4. Tax savings

Accurate vehicle tracker data makes determining your fuel tax credits easier. With GPS mapping of all locations and distances travelled by your fleet, and the amount of fuel used, you’ll have all the information you’ll need to work out your operation’s fuel tax entitlement and reduce your overall costs.

5. Reduced maintenance costs

Proper vehicle maintenance will ensure your vehicles operate at peak efficiency. Tracking preventative maintenance and receiving automated reminders about upcoming service requirements helps to reduce costly, unforeseen breakdowns by proactively managing maintenance over the life of the asset.

6. Other assets can be tracked too

Many different types of heavy vehicle assets can be equipped with vehicle trackers. Additionally, heavy equipment, tools, generators, powered trailers and other moveable assets can be fitted with ruggedised trackers that are designed to withstand dust, contact and water. 


Leopard Telematics powered by Geotab is Leopard Systems’ vehicle tracking solution. For more information on streamlining vehicle fleet management, head to the Leopard Telematics product page, download its data sheet or feel free to get in touch with us via our contact form