Leopard Service – Boost in-field productivty

Leopard Service is a work management system that automates and streamlines the job dispatch process.

Its interface provides complete visibility of your workers’ daily schedules, work orders, assess and optimised service routes. The application uses real-time technology to communicate with workers in the field and its data is processed via a back-end system accessible to a central authority.

Leopard Service spreads control to a mobile workforce that depend upon clear communication and task organisation. This allows for operational efficiencies to be carried out effectively maximising business potential.

Read more about Leopard Service features in its data sheet here.

Leopard Systems Field Service for Enterprise Mobility Management and Solutions

Key Features

  • Automate & streamline job dispatch processes
  • Carry out field data processing to backend system
  • Access real-time SMS-style messaging
  • Provide your customers with a receipt on the job
  • Enjoy simple, configurable workflow features

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