Leopard Hardware

Benefit from multi-vendor partnerships

Make an informed choice on the best-fit hardware for your project from a range of industry-leading vendors. 

Leopard Systems has access to an extensive hardware supply, decades of Information Technology expertise and ongoing investment in enterprise mobility hardware. Some of our supplier partners include Zebra Technologies, Honeywell, and DataLogic Mobile. 

Better yet, Leopard Care is Australia’s most comprehensive after-market service and support offering for enterprise mobility hardware and software solutions. LeopardCare provides peace of mind and protection for your mobility assets over the life of your investment.

Specific managed services for hardware include:

Hardware Procurement

Leopard Systems have strong business associations with industry-leading hardware vendors, including Zebra Technologies, Honeywell, Apple, Samsung and Datalogic Mobile.

We also partner with SOTI, Wavelink and Cisco for cutting-edge mobile device management systems.

Through our global technology partners and in-house hardware expertise you’ll access up-to-date independent advice, technical support and practical recommendations on selecting hardware for existing and new enterprise mobility solutions.

Plus, you’ll be able to compare various device models for scan speeds, accuracy and latencies, battery charge and cycle times, Wide Area Network signal sensitivity, 4G reception and other important requirements.

Most important, you’ll receive market-competitive pricing on hardware orders and repair services due to our extensive range of hardware and accessories at our national distribution centre.

Leopard help you make an informed choice on the best-fit hardware for your enterprise mobility project.

Fleet Management

LeopardCare supports fleets of hundreds to many thousands of hardware devices with an existing Leopard Systems service level agreement as well as a manufacturer’s service contract.

Save time and streamline your administration for handling equipment deployment, device repairs, hardware tracking and asset management that delivers an immediate return on 
your investment.

Not only do we arrange individual repairs for multiple brands, control patches and reload application software – we also hold a pool of spare devices. Then, when damaged devices are sent from your site to Leopard Systems, replacements pre-loaded with your correct standard operating environment are shipped straight back to your site.

We also handle the return of devices to and from the manufacturer for warranty or contract repair. For asset tracking purposes, all device movements are recorded and reported to your company daily. You’ll also receive monthly service level agreement reviews and reporting.

Simple, straightforward support process and workflow that provides complete fleet management and multi-vendor asset tracking visibility.

Hardware Support

Qualified expert technicians, who know how to manage hardware incidents and troubleshoot problems are the best resource when it comes to resolving your enterprise mobility device, software or system issues.

Our highly-qualified technicians provide a single point of contact for professional support, from initial call to resolution. We efficiently triage and diagnose support incidents, and advise workable solutions, to provide rapid and effective support when you need it most.

We’re available to communicate between your mobility system users, your IT department, and third-party hardware and software vendors, to solve problems fast, reduce costs and increase operational productivity.

LeopardCare hardware support is available for a fixed term and at a fixed cost, during business hours or as full 24/7 coverage, and is tailored to your device fleet size, company needs and budget.

Available as a stand-alone service or combined with other Leopard support services, LeopardCare hardware support offers proactive asset management including asset support, age records, service history, warranty information and health check metrics.

To capitalise on your enterprise technology investment, and maximise uptime, functionality and output—the right hardware support is essential.

Hardware Monitoring

LeopardCare Monitoring provides a tailored and scalable mobile device management (MDM) platform configured to your business, plus expert technicians to oversee your fleet of mobile devices and smartphones.

A rich web dashboard lets you easily track in real time the status of each and every device in your fleet, giving you a complete understanding of the performance of your mobile assets.

Up-to-the-minute knowledge of where your devices are, how they’re functioning, what they’re doing, what issues may be impacting their ability to process tasks is vital for optimising efficiencies and improving your business results.

Automated alerts from individual devices provide helpdesk staff with the ability to rapidly diagnose problems, both software and hardware, and to fix problems remotely when feasible.

From complete device staging and configuration, remote software updates, real-time device auditing, usage tracking and visibility, to battery status, battery change prediction, corrupt software repair, security handling and more—providing you access, expertise and support to fully optimise your fleet at all times.

With expert professional management and real-time monitoring of thousands of mobile devices simultaneously, your entire enterprise mobility fleet will be secure, visible and effective at all times.