Leopard Delivery – Intuitive Proof of Delivery Software Solution

Leopard Delivery is an electronic proof of delivery software designed to simplify, track and manage delivery tasks for drivers and job dispatch staff.

Fit with GPS tracking with access to real-time and historical data, Leopard Delivery ensures task accountability and efficient workflow.

Its intuitive interface and rugged device compatibility allow for it to be easy to use with minimal user training. Users can perform pick-up and delivery tasks, OH&S checks, create and send jobs, load and unload vehicles, monitor drivers’ progress, manage mobile devices and more.

The delivery management software is designed to operate across Windows mobile, iOS, Android, rugged and consumer devices. Its API configurable to facilitate connectivity with existing Enterprise Systems.

Read more about Leopard Delivery’s features in its data sheet here

Key Features

  • Allocate and customise Job and Leg workflows
  • Handle multiple manifest types including mixed mode
  • Monitor vehicle freight location via GPS
  • Self-serve and monitor your workload
  • Manage multiple entities in the one system

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