Discover an enterprise fleet management software system that gives ultimate visibility

Do you know exactly when and where your fleet is at all times? How about how your vehicles and drivers are performing? This data can help transport and delivery enterprises reduce costs and boost productivity, efficiency, and safety across their entire fleet.

Leopard Telematics is an enterprise fleet management software with vehicle tracking solution that syncs on-board computer systems to extract, store and deliver valuable real-time information about vehicle and driving performance.

Using a port plug-in device, vehicle information such as GPS data, engine performance, driving behaviour, speed and odometer readings and safety requirements is recorded for real-time visibility and reporting.

Leopard Telematics centralises control across your business, allowing you to extract, monitor and record comprehensive up-to-the-minute vehicle use and driver behaviour data from your entire enterprise fleet.

Powerful Features & Key Business Benefits

Accurate real-time vehicle use data & reporting

Up-to-the-minute driver behaviour information

Anticipate vehicle maintenance requirements

Unlocked fleet management profits

Improve & reward driver performance

Rapidly geo-locate vehicle assets

Don’t just take our word for it!

We’ve worked with some of the biggest transport, logistics and postal companies in Australia to simplify their freight management and minimise revenue leakage.

“As soon as the freight becomes available, we can accurately cube it in real time using Leopard Cube enabling our trucks to be loaded to capacity. Freight now moves through our network cleanly and without any barriers.”

Lloyd Jones, IT General Manager, Hi-Trans Expresss

Quick & easy to install

Synchronise data with other business systems

Improve operations management & business decisions

Get ahead – and stay there.

Take the next step towards simplifying your fleet management.

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