LeopardCare Monitoring

Outsource your mobile device management

Mobile device management will monitor your mobility fleet 24/7

 LeopardCare Monitoring is a comprehensive feature-rich mobile device managed service with Leopard’s mobile device management (MDM) experts monitoring your enterprise mobility fleet 24/7. 

Distinct from our MDM consultant services,  LeopardCare Monitoring is a pay-as-you-go MDM service that applies a cost-effective ‘paid connected device’ price structure.

Disrupting the traditional licence-driven MDM service models, LeopardCare Monitoring is a low-cost flexible payment plan and subscription service for any number of devices.  

  • With clear scalability and adaptability, you can easily add more devices as your fleet expands.
  • Plus, adjust your level of technical support to keep step with your changing business needs.
  • Further, change your level of device performance monitoring and reporting as your operations evolve.

LeopardCare Monitoring is a proactive service that manages your critical mobile assets; providing improved visibility, security and productivity.

Available as a stand-alone Bronze, Silver or Gold package matched to your organisation’s needs to deliver optimal efficiencies. LeopardCare Monitoring can be integrated with other Leopard services for full end-to-end support of your enterprise mobility solution.

If you’d like more information about LeopardCare Monitoring or you’re ready to engage a pay-as-you-go MDM provider for your fleet – contact Leopard Systems today.

Download our LeopardCare Monitoring features data sheet here.  


LeopardCare Monitoring™ offers:

  • Expert professional MDM management service
  • Maximum fleet productivity and visibility
  • Streamlined and automated real-time MDM 
  • Cloud-based service saving infrastructure costs