MDM Consultant Services

Leopard Systems employ a professional team of consultants to manage our specialty Mobile Device Management (MDM) divisions. These MDM specialists unite to provide you with your total enterprise mobility solution.

With experienced in-house consultants—including software engineers, software architects, systems engineers, hardware technicians and IT support specialists—Leopard Systems are respected thought leaders in the enterprise mobility industry. In fact, we draw on tangible experience and knowledge amassed since 1990.

Our experts typically consult to transport and logistics, supply chain and haulage companies. We can offer you advice for a successful implementation including compliance, budget reporting, strategy, and key enterprise mobility performance metrics.

In short, we provide you with a deeper understanding of how to optimise your operational processes for greater productivity and business efficiencies.

Specific Consultant Services we offer include:

Hardware Acquisition

Leopard Systems has a strong and established business association with leading hardware suppliers, such as Honeywell, Zebra, Apple, Samsung, Datalogic. Therefore, we offer market-competitive pricing for large hardware orders from major enterprises.

  • If you’re looking to implement an enterprise mobility solution, we have highly knowledgeable hardware consultants.
  • They know the latest products and all the device’s capabilities.
  • Our consultants plan, manage and perform your important hardware acquisition tasks.

A large part of our hardware acquisition service is finding the best fit-for-purpose hardware at the best price. This includes forecasting maintenance, possible downtime, repairs, replacement components, quality control and risk management.

Hardware is a big investment for your company. It’s got to be the perfect fit for your needsat the sharpest price.

Hardware Rollout

Leopard Systems has a well-established proven system for developing and co-ordinating enterprise mobility solutions. This includes efficient hardware implementation into your organisation.

  • We’ve deployed many large-scale mobility solutions within the Australian market.
  • Our experienced team manage extensive and complex device deployments.
  • We can work alongside your company’s project team, or manage the entire hardware rollout on your behalf.
  • Our hardware deployment specialists facilitate the end-to-end preparation of solution kits, ready to distribute devices to any location and multiple sites in Australia.

We’ll coordinate all parts of your rollout and keep you up to date, plus allocate resources, coordinate technical support and address any issues arising. We also oversee lead times, delivery dates, communications and reporting.

Rolling out an enterprise-wide mobility solution is a huge project to manage efficiently and successfully. This is when experience counts.

Mobile Device Set-up

Mobile device set-ups can be time and resource consuming as well as costly. But not if you take advantage of our mobility expertise and efficient device-loading service: Leopard Loader.

Simply put, you supply Leopard Systems with your files and settings, i.e. your correct Operating System version, patches, configuration and user application configuration. Then we create a standard image that is loaded onto your company’s mobile devices. This eliminates the potential for manual error.

We take one to three days to create the tested image, which is then loaded via an automated procedure in five minutes as opposed to a lengthier manual loading process. That’s five minutes to load and configure the mobile computer – a huge saving of 40,000 minutes if loading 1,000 devices.

Our lean processes mean less resourcing and significant cost savings for your company.

Mobile Device Management

As mobile devices become indispensable in enterprise productivity, new and sometimes complex mobility management challenges around device models, platforms and operating system versions arise. Why not let Leopard Systems manage these challenges for you?

Leverage our mobile device management (MDM) capabilities by drawing on our internal resources, infrastructure and partnerships with leading vendors including Soti, Wavelink and SAP.

Leopard Systems is renowned for successfully implementing large-scale MDM solutions within Wide Area Wireless and Local Area Wireless Network architectures. We use industry-leading device and network management tools that we identify as best of breed and fit for purpose.

We manage from one to 50,000+ devices with ease when we leverage our in-house expertise and global resource partnerships.

Wireless Local Area Network

Leopard Systems’ end-to-end service offering means we provide your company with the hardware to create your WLAN system plus the systems engineering expertise for your solution to be rolled out smoothly.

Our systems engineers apply advanced radio frequency site-surveying tools, in-depth networking experience and industry best practice to design, install and manage both simple and complex wireless networks.

We provide, on average, a six-week WLAN installation process and further on-site commissioning. Be confident knowing your installation is being implemented by experienced, qualified engineers.

One of Australia’s largest freight and logistics WLAN infrastructure projects – involving 53 nationwide sites – was designed and installed by Leopard Systems.

If you need consultant advice on setting up or migrating an enterprise mobility solution, or you have an EM-related challenge to overcome, please contact us for more information.