Leopard Retail™

Raise customer service levels

Leopard Retail™ is the ultimate workforce management, sales creation and stock management solution. It allows your sales assistants to focus on what matters most – customer service.

Leopard Retail™ provides your staff with the ability to check prices on the move, track inventory, speed up transactions with a mobile queue-busting feature that takes payments anywhere in the store, and print receipts.

Leopard Retail™ protects your inventory data with secure device lock-down and encryption. It also cuts instances of inaccurate stock counts, lost stock and costly year-end write-offs. What’s more, it can revolutionise your business by assisting with gift registry creation.

Retail businesses know that if you want to retain and build on your customer base, you need to create a service-orientated environment. If that’s your challenge, Leopard Retail™ is your solution.


Leopard Retail™ offers:

  • Real-time stock checks
  • Real-time price check
  • Mobile payments

With Leopard Retail™ you can:

» Handle transactions anywhere in-store
» Perform stock & price checks on demand
» Offer customers a gift registry
» Access data on stock held across the business
» Customise the solution to suit your business needs