Support Services

An all-encompassing enterprise mobility solution with Leopard Systems as your strategic partner includes ongoing technical support services, either ad-hoc or by service level agreements.

We provide unmatched application and hardware knowledge, operational and compliance advice and professional maintenance support.

Specific Support Services we offer include:

Device Staging

At Leopard Systems we have the professional resources and facilities to stage fleets of 20 to 50,000+ devices. We also provide the same service capabilities to stage hardware.

Furthermore, any device you receive from Leopard Systems will be pre-loaded with your standard operating environment, which is a standard component of our Device Staging product.

We also do our best to take a holistic approach to your company’s issues—we learn about your whole organisation in order to develop the most suitable, efficient and cost-effective way to stage your devices.

We go the extra mile to stage enterprise-wide fleets of devices and hardware, over 50,000, with maximum efficiency.  

Equipment Handling

For companies with fleets of 100 or fewer devices, LeopardCare Equipment Handling allows you to outsource the physical management—repair and reloading—of your devices to us on a one-year or three-year contract.

Services available as part of this contract include logistics management of returned devices, management of the manufacturer repair process, reloading of your company’s applications and settings, and asset tracking of mobile devices for up-to-date location information.

An equipment handling contract bundles unforseen handling costs to ensure a capped ‘total cost of ownership’ for peace of mind. Because we believe enterprise mobility services are just as important as the system solutions, this service is available to our clients with or without a manufacturer’s service contract.

Leopard Systems can handle your equipment repairs and software loading needs to ensure your company does not face unexpected equipment issues and costs.

Equipment Repair

LeopardCare Equipment Repair offers ad hoc repair services on a multi-tiered pricing model.

This service caters for one-off repairs to mobile computers, handheld scanners and printers, both new and legacy equipment.

Repairs can be as minor as basic cosmetic fixes to major repairs such as the replacement of circuit boards.

Regardless of the complexity of the fix, LeopardCare Equipment Repair provides a prompt, competitively-priced service you can depend on.

When you need a quick, once-off repair of your device or other enterprise mobility hardware, talk to Leopard Systems.

Fleet Management

LeopardCare supports fleets of 100 to many thousands of hardware devices with an existing Leopard Systems service level agreement as well as a manufacturer’s service contract.

Not only do we arrange individual repairs for multiple brands, control patches and reload application software – we also hold a pool of spare devices. Then, when damaged devices are sent from your site to Leopard Systems, replacements pre-loaded with your correct standard operating environment are shipped straight back to your site.

We also handle the return of devices to and from the manufacturer for warranty or contract repair. For asset tracking purposes, all device movements are recorded and reported to your company daily. You’ll also receive monthly service level agreement reviews and reporting.

Leopard System’s fleet management service helped a major Australian pharmacy retailer reduce its spares pool by 75%, increasing business efficiencies and reducing operational delays.

Help Desk

Need technical support or help with your enterprise mobility solution? You can purchase business hours Help Desk support or opt for total peace of mind cover with a 24/7 Help Desk contract.

Purchased blocks of support hours are valid for use within business hours for 12 months. Whereas the annual 24/7 Help Desk contract option, offers a priority response service and provides an after-hours safety net of support when you need it.

When you notify us of your problem, via our support ticket system, you’ll have access to a number of capped hours for our Help Desk engineers to work on your problem.

If your company has got a hardware, WLAN, mobile device management, imaging or any other mobility problem, talk to Leopard to get the help you need.

If you have a support service requirement not covered here, please contact us for more information.