Leopard Delivery™

Empower Your Workforce

Leopard Delivery™ unleashes the productivity and profitability of leading Transport and Logistics (T&L) companies.

In fact, this application provides seamless, real-time capabilities that allow your workers to allocate jobs, monitor vehicle and freight location, check job progress and access performance analysis information.

Even more importantly, this scalable mobility solution boasts hundreds of configurable T&L workflows and reports.

You can manage multiple banners in the one system or streamline your drivers’ time using customised job-flows and functions.

Furthermore, Leopard Delivery™ is the only true multi-platform enterprise mobility solution – think Android, iOS and Windows.

This solution improves service levels and reduces billing cycles for delivery companies, both of which add up to a great return on investment.

Leopard Delivery™ offers:

  • Advanced job dispatch
  • Track & trace
  • Proof of delivery

With Leopard Delivery™ you can:

» Allocate and customise Job and Leg workflows
» Handle multiple manifest types including mixed mode
» Monitor vehicle and freight location via GPS
» Self-serve and monitor your workload
» Manage multiple banners in the one system