Do you dread oversized, under-declared, non-conveyable or ugly freight?

Trying to accurately measure oversized or ugly freight is laborious, time-consuming and expensive. So, many businesses just don’t do it – relying on estimates and approximates instead.

But this is hardly a solution. Incorrect cubic measurements lead to inefficiencies down the line and a lack of trustworthy freight data.

Inability to accurately cube freight can quickly lead to:

Revenue leakage

Billing errors & under-declared freight

Inefficient processes and delivery delays

Inaccurate volumetric data

Simplify freight measurement with Leopard’s cost-effective all-in-one cubing solution

Many leading transport & logistics and postal organisations have decided that ignoring ugly freight is no longer an option, and are looking to new tools to help them improve their cubic dimensioning – and their bottom lines.

Leopard Cube is a “legal for trade measurement” certified freight dimensioning system designed to measure and calculate the cubic weight of any sized item. It innovatively combines the latest rugged mobile scanning computers with a low-cost yet durable measuring tape to efficiently capture, store and communicate measurement data of parcels and pallets.

Intuitive and easy to use, Leopard Cube is an all-in-one cubing solution, offering a number of advantages, including:

  • Portability
  • Practical safety benefits
  • Scalable pricing model
  • Latest Cloud technology, catering for required capacity with no physical infrastructure
  • API configurable to facilitate connections with existing enterprise systems

But, most importantly, is the impact Leopard Cube has on your bottom line: It’s ability to realise the difference between third party cost estimations and real-time cubing analysis.

Powerful Features & Key Business Benefits

Accurate volumetric measurement of all freight

Single source of truth when it comes to freight data

Superior freight dimensioning

Minimised revenue

Enhanced user workflows
and productivity

Durable Technology

Efficient & accurate Data Capture

Real time communication


Could Leopard Cube make a difference to your revenue?

Get ahead – and stay there.

Take the next step towards simplifying your freight cubing.

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