Leopard Cube™

Maximise volumetric revenue with accurate volumetric data capture


You might think there’s nothing beautiful about ‘ugly’ freight, but at Leopard Systems we disagree.

If it wasn’t for unwieldy freight our R&D division wouldn’t have developed Leopard Cube™: a robust solution designed to minimise the revenue leakage of large Transport and Logistics operations across Australia.

An advanced, accurate dimensional weight capture tool for ‘ugly’ freight and for facilities without dimensional automation, Leopard Cube™ combines the latest wearable hardware and software technology to provide swift and easy interfacing with your existing enterprise system.

And there’s the beauty of it. Leopard Cube™ minimises the time spent and revenue lost rectifying incorrect volumetric data capture and, in doing so, boosts productivity.





Leopard Cube™ offers:

  • Volumetric data capture
  • Superior scanning
  • Real-time data transfer

With Leopard Cube™ you can:

» Rapidly capture accurate volumetric data

» Transfer data quickly and efficiently

» Integrate with your backend systems

» Diminish revenue leakage

» Increase data accuracy and invoicing speed


Minimise time spent collecting volumetric data capture with our hand scanners