Leopard Cube

A dimensional tool and application

Leopard Cube is a NMI certified dimension tool designed to measure and calculate the cubic weight of any sized item. It uses a unique tape measure and scanning device to efficiently capture, store and communicate measurement data.

Its interface is intuitive and is easy to use requiring minimal user training. Cubes advantages include its portability, practical safety benefits, SaaS scalable pricing model and most importantly its impact to the bottom line: realising the difference between third party cost estimations and real time cubing analysis. This ensures that you’re not being overcharged for courier, freight and holding expenses.

Cube is hosted on the cloud eliminating the need for physical servers yet still capable of catering for high usage. It’s also API configurable to facilitate connections with existing enterprise systems.

Read more about Leopard Cube’s features in its data sheet here. 

Key Features

• Volumetric data capture
• Accurate measurements
• Superior freight dimensioning
• Real-time data transfer
• Enhanced user workflows at point of activity

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