Leopard Cube™

Maximise your volumetric revenue with accurate dimensional weight data

You might think there’s nothing beautiful about ‘ugly’ freight, but at Leopard Systems we disagree.

In fact, if it wasn’t for unwieldy freight we wouldn’t have developed Leopard Cube™: an easy-to-use measuring tool and dimension data management solution. Leopard Cube™ promptly calculates correct freight volumes for improved billing and better customer relations.

What’s more, Leopard Cube™ streamlines warehouse workflow efficiencies, improves space and storage yields, plus reduces revenue leakage from diverse Transport & Logistics operations.

Built using API-driven, serverless computing and the latest in cloud technologies, Leopard Cube™ is truly enterprise ready. It incorporates the highest levels of encryption security, genuine interoperability and real-time data handling to ensure your freight operations are fast, effortless, safe and secure.

Leopard Cube™ cleverly combines a durable low-cost measuring tape with a rugged mobile computer possessing scanner and camera capabilities. This allows individual delivery drivers moving boxes or warehouse staff managing pallet and parcel inventories to instantly capture cube data and freight photos—to manage and manifest items with unparalleled accuracy, speed and ease.

An advanced dimensional weight capture system, designed for bustling warehouse environments and prolonged comfortable use, Leopard Cube™ can be used to quantify and verify freight according to your specific operational and supply chain requirements.

Ideal for smaller facilities, postal organisations, transport companies, large warehouses without dimensional automation, or distribution centres seeking higher returns from cargo space – Leopard Cube™ provides swift and easy interfacing with your existing enterprise systems to enhance customer communications and minimise chargeback disputes.

And there’s the beauty of it; Leopard Cube™ minimises the time spent and revenue lost chasing incorrect volumetric data capture and, in doing so, boosts productivity and profits.

Leopard Cube™ offers:

  • Volumetric data capture
  • Accurate measurements
  • Superior freight dimensioning
  • Real-time data transfer
  • Enhanced user workflows at point of activity
With Leopard Cube™ you can:

» Minimise revenue leakage

» Rapidly capture accurate volumetric data and freight photos

» Transfer data and photos quickly and efficiently, in real time

» Perform further actions upon cubing

» Integrate with your back-end systems

» Use space better to unlock more income

» Increase data accuracy and invoicing speed