Leopard Delivery Cloud

Are you a business with 20 to thousands of delivery drivers looking to increase your productivity without decreasing profitability?

Leopard Delivery Cloud™ gives you all the benefits of a superior delivery system minus the expense and hassle of buying and installing your own.

An associated Leopard Delivery web portal provides job/run progress monitoring, asset and GPS tracking along with access to real-time and historical Proof of Pickup and Delivery signatures.

Leopard Delivery Cloud™ offers end users a step-by-step workflow process.

You can perform pick-up delivery, OH&S checks, create and send jobs, load and unload vehicles, monitor drivers’ progress, manage mobile devices and more, with an intuitive interface that requires very little end-user training.

We even provide an application program interface (API) that allows you to integrate with existing enterprise systems.

And, for those interested in growing their business without managing infrastructure demands, Leopard Delivery Cloud™ is able to scale up or down with your business needs.

A tailored option is available for those that want a specialised workflow.

This intuitive application offers four standard workflows;

  • Starter – No jobs needed, just start capturing proofs immediately

  • Courier – Send jobs to drivers, monitor progress and view maps

  • Distribution – Allocate runs with pickups and deliveries

  • Tailored – Pick from multiple workflows to configure a best fit

    Read more about Leopard Delivery’s features in its data sheet here. 


Key Features

  • Fast start-up with lower costs

  • Apps for iOS, Android, Windows

  • Compatible for rugged devices

  • Fleet and BYOD subscription plans, so no upfront licence fees

  • Fully featured web portal & reports

  • Global availability 24/7 on any smartphone with internet connection