Leopard Telematics – Fleet Management Software

Leopard Telematics is a fleet management software that syncs on-board computer systems to extract, store and deliver valuable real-time information about vehicle performance, delivering an all-in-one vehicle tracking solution.

Using a port plug-in device, vehicle information such as GPS data, engine performance, driving behaviour, speed and odometer readings and safety requirements (e.g. engaged seat belt) is recorded and sent to a cloud-based application. This app would typically be accessed by a dispatch or control centre team informing them of fleet visibility and reporting capability. Ultimately this centralises control across a business that heavily relies on vehicle mobility such as a transport and delivery services.

Telematics has additional add on’s such as dash cam recording, crash and incident report data, Geo Fencing, NFC technology for driver logon and temperature readings.

Read more about Leopard Telematics features in its data sheet here. 

Leopard Telematics leverages the leading technology developed by Geotab for market-leading hardware and software solutions
Key Features:

• Rapidly geo-locate vehicle assets
• Proactively maintain and repair fleet vehicles
• Improve and reward driver performance
• Accurate real-time vehicle use data
• Superior vehicle asset management
• Up-to-the-minute driver behaviour information