Leopard Telematics™

Telematics that provides you with vehicle fleet visibility

Leopard Telematics™ is a vehicle tracking solution that syncs with on-board computer systems to extract, store and deliver valuable real-time information about your vehicles.

By extracting vehicle metrics via an OBDII port plug-in device, Leopard Telematics™ provides second-by-second tracking of vehicle use, performance and GPS location.

Vehicle fault diagnostics, fuel usage, instrument readings and sub-system data for each vehicle provides a rich breadth of information for valuable insights to improve fleet productivity and operations.

Additionally, Leopard Telematics™ can be leveraged to deliver automatic in-vehicle driver instructions and coaching for your personnel.

When compliance to meet safety and legal regulations is essential, Leopard Telematics™ tracks and monitors critical checkpoints such as speeding, seatbelt use, driving time for fatigue management, and more.

Plus, collision detection sensors trigger accident notification, and forensic acquisition of vehicle data, to help understand the potential loss and manage the subsequent investigation.

Better knowledge and visibility of exactly how your vehicle fleet is being used will inform your operations management and business improvement decisions.


Vehicle telematics to report on location, driving, incidents and so much more
With Leopard Telematics™ you can:

» Rapidly geo-locate vehicle assets

» Proactively maintain and repair fleet vehicles

» Improve and reward driver performance

» Unlock fleet management profits

Leopard Telematics™ offers:

  • Accurate real-time vehicle use data
  • Superior vehicle asset management
  • Up-to-the-minute driver behaviour information
  • Critical checkpoint safety monitoring