Leopard Voice – Rapid Voice Communication

Leopard Voice is a cloud-based, hands-free, push-to-talk (PTT) application that harnesses your digital mobile data network for fast voice communications.

Ideal for dispatchers, team leaders and supervisors who need to communicate to one, many or all people in their operation, such as drivers, service technicians, sales assistants or warehouse staff on the floor.

Operating through a web-based portal, for head office to manage transmitted and incoming voice messages, Leopard Voice is securely used on handheld devices, headsets, tablets, smartphones, rugged water and drop-resistant handsets, and more.

Like ‘walkie-talkie’ communication, the Leopard Voice message recipient can choose to:
1) listen to a one-way broadcast,
2) press to respond to head office only, or
3) press to talk to everyone on the channel.

Leopard Voice™ operates on iOS and Android systems as a standalone product or integrated with Leopard Systems mobility platforms, such as Leopard Delivery, Leopard Service and Leopard Retail.

Read more about Leopard Voice’s features in its data sheet here. 

Enable your mobile fleet with hands-free push-to-talk capability

Key Features

  • Communicate quickly in mission-critical situations
  • Use rapid voice checks for improved workflows
  • Issue real-time task adjustments to staff on the job
  • Improve efficiencies and customer service outcomes