COVID-19 has created unprecedented economic and operational challenges for transport and logistics operations. To guarantee freight moving, and essential goods and emergency supplies reach their destinations quickly, the most efficient use of your trucks and delivery vehicles is vital.

Well-equipped businesses are meeting the higher demand for deliveries with ease, whereas others are discovering significant gaps in their fleet operations and technology investments. COVID-19 has compelled businesses worldwide to make digitalisation central to every transaction and interaction.
Telematics is a powerful digital tool for vehicle fleet monitoring and management. In times of disrupted supply chains and high delivery demand, telematics increases efficiencies, saves costs and optimises fleet productivity.

During a crisis, fleet managers can rely on a telematics solution to: 

1. Acquire and analyse data to understand what’s happening

Telematics compiles comprehensive vehicle data to ensure visibility of your entire fleet operation. Unexpected impacts, such as changing fuel prices, restricted travel routes, and altered shipping regulations, may lead to volatile sales volumes, updated revenue forecasts and unanticipated expenses, that, in turn, may radically change your business goals amid and after the pandemic.

2. Take control and make decisions for better outcomes

Telematics provides valuable intelligence on real-time business trends. As restrictions or other pandemic-related changes influence your fleet operations, you’ll know what to do next based on accurate information. This may include telematics data to help you;

  • Use vehicles effectively and economically
    Selecting the fastest routes for urgent deliveries, matching vehicles to best-fit tasks, and live-tracking deliveries for optimal order management creates a lean and cost-efficient fleet; which is critical in a recession.               
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  •  Achieve greater productivity via business systems integration
    Integrating telematics with CRM and ERP systems streamlines communication across platforms to automate data management, fast-track customer service, reduce errors and free up employees to work on essential tasks.  Learn more >

  • Uphold a strong focus on safety to keep costs down
    From monitoring efficient vehicle operation and safe driver performance to recording critical traffic events and reconstructing collision details – telematics promotes proactive fleet safety to reduce maintenance costs and downtime.  

3. Sustain operations and evolve for the future

Companies using the latest telematics solutions have a flexible advantage during the COVID-19 pandemic. For instance, orders can be processed efficiently, delivered fast, and human contact can be avoided.


Notably, COVID-19 is accelerating digital transformation across many sectors and revealing the importance of reliable infrastructures and strategic capabilities, like telematics, ensuring business resilience into the future.

Leopard Telematics is Leopard Systems’ vehicle tracking solution. For more information, feel free to download the Leopard Telematics data sheet or get in touch via our contact form.