In the complex and fast-paced world of the Transport & Logistics, Postal and Supply Chain industries, efficiency and accuracy in operations are paramount. With rising customer expectations and supply chain uncertainties, it’s crucial to have the right solutions and partners to navigate these challenges. Leopard Systems, a leader in enterprise mobility solutions, is making continuous upgrades to Leopard Cube, our groundbreaking portable cubing system designed to revolutionise the way businesses handle volumetric data of freight. Here, we explore three key business benefits of implementing this innovative portable cubing system.

1. Enhanced Accuracy and Efficiency in Freight Measurement

Traditional methods of capturing the volumetric data of freight are notoriously slow, laborious, and prone to errors, leading to increased operational costs and revenue leakage. Leopard Cube offers a unique solution to these challenges by providing fast and accurate dimensional weights of parcel, palletised, non-conveyable and ugly freight. Equipped with the latest rugged mobile scanning computers and a durable yet low-cost measuring tape, Leopard Cube enables businesses to calculate the correct dimensional weights quickly and accurately. This precision ensures that businesses can improve their operations, minimise revenue leakage, and significantly enhance their overall efficiency.

Key Features:
• Accurate volumetric measurement of freight to national standards.
• Rapid deployment and scalability within operations.
• User-friendly solution that improves workflow efficiency.

2. Cost Reduction and Revenue Protection

Implementing Leopard Cube in your operations can lead to substantial cost savings and revenue protection. By accurately measuring freight and capturing the correct dimensional measurements, businesses can streamline their logistics processes, reducing the time and resources spent on freight measurement. Furthermore, Leopard Cube’s precision minimises revenue lost due to inaccurate billing and reduces the risk of chargeback disputes. With its subscription-based SaaS model, Leopard Cube offers low start-up costs, making it an affordable solution for businesses looking to enhance their profitability.

Key Features:
• Minimises revenue loss through efficient measurement and communication to enterprise systems.
• Reduces chargeback disputes with accurate and reliable data capture.
• Offers an affordable, subscription-based model for cost-effective deployment.

3. Seamless Integration and Real-Time Connectivity

Leopard Cube’s cloud-based, serverless architecture ensures that frontline staff are always connected to head office via secure, real-time updates. This enhances workflow efficiency, transparency, and communication across the organisation. Additionally, Leopard Cube seamlessly interfaces with existing business systems through an API or file transfer, facilitating instantaneous encrypted data communication. This integration capability allows for a smoother operation, enabling businesses to focus on growth and new revenue-generating opportunities.

Key Features:
• Increases productivity with user-friendly features and real-time cloud connectivity.
• Integrates easily and securely with backend systems for seamless data transmission.
• Supports many warehouse workflows to meet specific operational requirements.

Leopard Cube represents a significant advancement in portable cubing systems, offering businesses a smarter, leaner process for volumetric data capture. By enhancing accuracy and efficiency, reducing costs and protecting revenue, and ensuring seamless integration and real-time connectivity, Leopard Cube positions itself as an invaluable tool for businesses looking to navigate the complexities of the modern supply chain.

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