Leopard Systems Managing Director, Robin  Fowler, jetted off to Japan last month for the Zebra Conference (APAC Channel Partner Summit) to find out what’s new and on the horizon for rugged mobile computer solutions, rugged mobile devices and fleet management.

 Here’s what caught Robin’s attention at the Tokyo Zebra Conference meeting:

Rugged Mobile & Reasonable Entry Point

A game changer in the enterprise mobility space, there are exciting times ahead for companies seeking a cost-effective entry point for their rugged mobile computer fleets. Zebra Technologies have ‘in development’ a compact rugged mobile device that provides all the features and benefits you’d expect from an enterprise-grade rugged mobile device — hard-wearing, beneficial accessories, 3+ years Android security support, integrated barcode scanner and more—but at a fraction of the cost of a typical enterprise-level rugged mobile device.

Taking smartphone consumer-grade devices head-on, or sitting somewhere between traditional BYOD and enterprise-grade mobility hardware, Zebra’s new and robust rugged mobile offering, when released, will create real opportunities for mid-tier tech-savvy companies seeking a low-cost entry point for their rugged mobile investment.

Additionally, larger organisations with an otherwise small rugged mobile resource pool may find this new low-cost alternative – announced at the Zebra conference – a quick and smart return for their capital investment.


For more info on Zebra’s new low-cost rugged mobile computers, get in touch with Leopard today. 

Link-OS Barcode Printers

Zebra’s Link Operating System (Link-OS) delivers an innovative software environment to intelligently power Zebra barcode printers and other Zebra smart rugged mobile devices, with connectivity to the cloud.

This year, at the Zebra conference, the company’s innovators have developed a new version of Link-OS to enable a corresponding new range of barcode printers seamless communication with the cloud and cloud-based applications. Importantly, this solves the pervasive challenge of rugged mobile printer device management faced by many organisations that rely on any sizeable fleet of barcode label printers.

Now, via cloud communication channels, Zebra’s Link-OS barcode printers will be easily updated for software applications, accessed for rugged mobile device management, tracked for asset management purposes, as well as perform logic processing directly from individual printers.

Contact us for further details on Zebra’s Link-OS barcode printers.

Zebra Partner Cloud

Lastly, at this recent Zebra conference, it was revealed that Zebra Technologies is now offering a hosted cloud environment, with all the usual benefits of ‘cloud computing’ systems, but specifically for users of their applications and members of their partner community.

This will provide cloud capabilities for those who haven’t yet moved to similar cloud environments, and who use Zebra systems and support, such as the Link-OS devices mentioned above.


Finding Best-fit Mobility Hardware

Leopard Systems have a long-standing association with Zebra Technologies for hardware and mobile device management systems. The Zebra Conference Partner Summit is a highlight on the Leopard calendar.

Our market-competitive approach to your enterprise mobility hardware procurement and rugged mobile device management will help you make an informed choice on the best-fit, best-priced rugged mobile hardware for your next enterprise mobility project.

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